Welcome to Magical Moments by Arete. We are so excited to have you here with us.

Magical Moments is all about capturing the joys of entertaining at home. Our selection of table and home accessories go beyond special occasions.

Lay your everyday table with artful flourish, or complete your event set-up with aplomb. Heading to a friend's for dinner? Take along a special gift for a magical moment that will last beyond the night.

However you choose to celebrate life in good company, we hope to be there with you.


We are Caroline and Nirvi, friends and co-founders of Magical Moments by Arete.

We began working together in 2016 as interior designers and stylists at Arete Culture. We have both always loved eating, hosting, and most of all, being with people we love.

Treasuring the magical moments we have with each other is so important to us. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to do this — so you can worry less about how the house looks, and spend more time enjoying precious company.

Here's to you and the people you love. We are glad to be with you.

X Caroline and Nirvi